Viedumu Vietne ar Sandi

For English readers


If you are reading this, then, I guess, you have got here by few reasons. I bet, you have come because I linked to your site and you want to know what I have wrote. The bad news: you will not know. Primary writing language for this blog is “latvian” and that is the native language of Latvia, European Union, Europe. Best translator, so far availible, is Google Translator here. Just select “Latvian” and “English”, copy and paste the text from here and then press “translate”. You will get partial idea what I have wrote. I won’t translate what I have written linking to you. If the link is at the bottom of article, I may have used image and reference it or I have wrote about your article and reference it.

There are only few articles, written in english and finding them could be the other reason you found this blog. You could also have been wandered here by a chance, but what chance that could be if not the chance got by search engine? I hope you found what you searched for.

Anyhow, my name is Sandis, I am male, 25 years old, inhabitant of Latvia. You can reach me by e-mail sandiskr/at/gmail/dot/com.

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