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Neal and Birinkshaw acquitted

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After less than 3 months Neal and Birinkshaw have been acquitted in court for fight with an police officer. The full court protocol will be released in 30. october. Many would want to hear the official statement.

Neal and Birinkshaw also stated they will sue for compensating their court expenses around 20 000 pounds.

Until then only a brief excerpts from court hearing are published, describing that Neal and Birinkshaw had several witnesses testifying for them and their facts didn’t check with the police officers version.

One witness has seen that his travel companion Neal is grabbed by a police officer. After he has ran closer to them, ha has asked to officer why he has done so, but received no answer. Police officer was continuing to wrestle with Neal until fell down, dragging Neal with him. Then Neal freed himself and both left the place. Neal then sat into taxi and drove away, while witness stayed.

Other witness testified that he has seen how officer tried to apprehend Neal. Officer was beating him. After several minutes, officer’s leg snaged and he fell. About that time crowd had gathered around conflict situation and one of the crowd hit police officer, but it wasn’t Neal. Witness has not seen the start of conflict.

Another other witness testified he has seen Birinkshaw being beaten by the bar security even until police officer situation.

The situation is far from over, since both acquited will now sue for compensation and the prosecutor can file for re-trial.


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