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Matthew & Dave situation

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Previous story on this issue received a lot of comments, which indicated that latvians should be removed, but part of the english should be called more imaginative. It forced me to close the commenting feature. My goal is not to provoke childish behavior, but to inform interested parties. Incoming links from facebook profiles proves that some people are curious about something in this storyline.

Currently, David and Matthew case is heard by the court. As I understand it, the first hearing has not yet even occurred.

The latest news, published in the local site, had more yellow trash than serious information. News focused on the local policemen, who were concerned about the circumstances in which David and Matthew are kept in jail. Police officers wanted to know whether Dave and Matthew does not live in better conditions than other prisoners.

Prison administration chief Visvaldis Puķīte vaguely answered the press. On the one hand he said that David and Matthew have the same treatment as other prisoners, but they are supervised by the warder of English proficiency. On the other hand, he said, “maybe some of the cameras are renovated, but prisoners doesn’t have a VIP status.”

In my view, these expressions indicate that the prisoners are living in good conditions in repaired cells compared to other prisoners. Those might be good news to relatives and friends.

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