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FreeBSD 7.1 and Flash

Filed under: Tech — Sandis @ 17:23

In Ubuntu and all other “linux” distributions, flash comes as a normal feature for desktop users. You just have it or install it and that’s it – no worries, no problems, everything works. As it comes for FreeBSD users (and I think all other *BSD users) – I felt like it was dark ages of flash. Version 6.3 – nope, version 7.0 – nope. Only now with version 7.1 Flash 9 version for Linux finally works with Firefox 3!

I started using FreeBSD with 6.3 version as my everyday home desktop OS. And since then that little world of youtube and flash videos, functionality or ads everywhere in the web were denied for me. I tried Gnash – something alternative and pervy for open source people trying to get along with open standarts of Flash. Some sing praises, I witnessed only disasters. Memory lags, slow performance, taking all CPU and not giving back, very limited functionality… I better live without Flash than use Gnash.

There was also a port of Flash (version 4?), but it had been marked as a security flaw and not patched long time ago.

Maybe my dark times of flash were really my dark times of incompetenece in using working version of flash that those armies of angry FreeBSD users chanting for bad Adobe in every forum didn’t tell about. But suddenly, in previous week a sun shined over my dark ages. I found a happy article at this site telling me, that 7.1 kernel supports flashplugin 9 for linux. Tutorial even gave me instructions how to rig everything right. And so I did upgrade my FreeBSD release and followed the instructions. Lots of youtube videos, animations everywhere made my eyes roll bringing me out of beeing blind!

Too bad the 7.1 update rendered Gimp and Konquier (maybe more) unusable, but that is completely another story…


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  1. Nu gribetu piekrist vismaz ar Ubuntum kompis nelago !

    Komentārs by kroliks — 2009-03-18 @ 17:59

  2. Flaš tests uz Linux – atver paralēli 5 tabus 🙂

    Komentārs by Veloblogs — 2009-03-18 @ 19:54

  3. Veloblogs, nevajag jau uzreiz tik smagi 😀

    Komentārs by Sandis — 2009-03-18 @ 19:59

  4. Nemācēji vairs iztulkot :D?

    Komentārs by salviz — 2009-03-19 @ 8:44

  5. Ko tad?

    Komentārs by Sandis — 2009-03-19 @ 15:11

  6. Tekstu, kas nav latvisks 😉

    Komentārs by salviz — 2009-03-19 @ 18:01

  7. Nebija jau no kā tulkot o_O

    Komentārs by Sandis — 2009-03-20 @ 13:27

  8. Vienkārši, kapēc pēkšņi tavs bloga ieraksts nav latviešu valodā???

    Komentārs by salviz — 2009-03-20 @ 14:30

  9. Pirmkārt, tas nav pirmais tāds ieraksts – paskaties rūpīgāk. Otrkārt, kāpēc ne?

    Komentārs by Sandis — 2009-03-20 @ 15:58

  10. So where it to find?

    Komentārs by melba39813 — 2010-07-30 @ 16:45

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