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Black images in Firefox 3

Filed under: Tech — Sandis @ 0:16

While surfing around web, I noticed some pages had black boxes in the place where images should have been. Usually those images are resized in html element from their original size. I had this problem quite a while… since updated from Firefox 2.x to Firefox 3.x. On Windows OS Firefox performs very well and doesn’t have any similar problem, but on FreeBSD OS it has and as a FreeBSD user this problem affects me. I searched google and found out I wasn’t alone – every OS with X windows has this problem.

So black pictures is a problem of Xorg, with quite an easy and quick fix. In (my case) /etc/xorg.conf “Device” section please add: Option “XaaNoOffscreenPixmaps” “On” (on some OS’es “true”). Then restart x window and the black images are gone.


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  1. Tev ar bija tāda problēma???

    Komentārs by salviz — 2009-01-16 @ 10:58

  2. bija gan

    Komentārs by Sandis — 2009-01-16 @ 13:35

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