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Orwellian United States

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The information I read in various media sources and challenge with my doubts raises fearful thoughts of growing general evil.

Historically US became the strongest in firepower and thus most respected country also known as “superpower”. Then the mob of partisans, guerillas or whatsoever jealous and believing of being somehow suffering from superpowers policy attacked* the superpower by pinching it’s butt with little needle**. (* – not sure who organised, ** – what is ~3000 people to megapolis like New York alone? Death rate in NYC is almost 60,000 per year.) The superpower got suprised by this audacious attack resulting in a mass hysteria and paranoia. The brand name of this accident was created and called “9-11”, resulting in multimillion businesses being opened. Under the pretenses of being attacked, powers in charge started to give away free choice in exchange of control and restriction systems, just to make sure there is no place for any more unexpected.

But that is the main problem. Fighting unexpected means fighting creativity, reducing options and choices, monitoring everything suspicious and increasing limitations. And even actions of killing more in order to kill less are performed (Iraq war, Guantanamo prison). I call that a totalitarian regime.

Now they are teaching firefighters and paramedics to spy and report on “suspicious” people, because they can enter private space without showing any documents like warrants. I think the idea, that fireman walks in, sees combat weaponary or dangerous chemicals, extinguish the fire and then leaves is absurd. Usually they call for other specialists, who continue to handle the situation. But now Homeland Security (aka Ministry of Love?) are training fireman to detect wether the living place contains less or more furniture (aka they are bad guys, living there for a short time). Extra screening, spy-net, watching everywhere… Step by step and the next move will be to put camera devices in every room just to check if there is no bad guys.

Well, why bother, fear and read this crap about screwed up country far far away? Because it is a superpower. And screwed up superpower means possibility of screwed up life for me, because paranoia & power is dangerous combination. It tends to expand and gain power of control by any means.


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